Friday, November 9, 2007

September -- finally

I know I did not make the deadline, but I did not take my knitting to Italy and was too tired to work on them when I got home (plus I don't like cabling, so I kept procrastinating.........)

I made a major boo boo but it's stayin' I am not frogging it!


Debby said...

How was your trip to Italy? Your squares look great...I don't see the boo boo.

Jill said...

My trip to Italy was incredible! The food is so good and teh people are warn and welcoming. I was in Florence and Venice and some day trips to San Gimingiano, Siena, and Feisole. (although the yarn shops were NOT) On the way home the Itaian security guards took my new Knitpicks Harmonys and a Addis Turbos so 28 hours and not knitting.