Saturday, June 30, 2007

June Undercover Squares

I finally finished and blocked June's squares!!

I wasn't crazy about the long purled sections at the sides of the yarn basket square, so I did the complete pattern repeat from edge to edge.

The bamboo square was knitted as written. Quick and easy!

And here are May's and June's hanging out together:

Now I'm looking forward to July's patterns and color!

Friday, June 29, 2007

June Under Cover

Well I am ready for July! Now these squares are not blocked, but I am not worried about the size. I had a tangerine-size ball left over as well....

Here they are in their entirety and I think the size will be fine once I block. I have decided to block them all together at the end.

Finished June squares

I thought that I'd post a couple of pictures of my June squares - knitted in the saffron colourway.

First up is Lucky Bamboo which was started on Worldwide Knit in Public Day. It isn't particularly square at the moment, but I'm hoping that it will be ok once it's been blocked.

Next up we have the Basketweave. I think this is my favourite so far, but that might just be because it was the last one I knit!

Now I'm going to comfort my socks for a few days - until the next parcel arrives.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back to the Drawing Board - June's Blocks

Here are June's blocks - and this Basket Weave block was my favourite one otn so far and also in also in finished appearance. It looked bigger than either of May's blocks otn, but I carried on anyway till it measured 11.5 inches.

I am going to be very honest here and say I do not like this Lucky Bamboo block - it HAS been blocked; I had been hoping it's appearance would improve post-blocking but it hasn't.

And now to my dilemma. My June blocks have not shrunk post blocking like my May ones did. The Basket Weave one is huge and completety out of proportion to all my other blocks. I have no idea what I have done wrong, but I am going to have to frog both of June's blocks and start again. No problem, I just want them "right" - but I did want to share them with you. Oh, and the yarn by the side of Lucky Bamboo is all I have left from knitting both blocks.

Any constructive tips/comments would be very welcome, both June blocks were blocked simoultaneously in the same way using the same method as may's blocks. The Lucky Bamboo block paradoxically, the one I really don't like, is the only blocked square I have that actually measures at 12" x 12"!

Please don't misunderstand this post - I'm not complaining, I'm perplexed, and any help would be very gratefully received.

Joy's May Blocks

Here very belatedly are my May Blocks - the light on the photo does not show the colour to it's true potential, but I have found it difficult to obtain a good photo as light has been a problem recently.

They were both blocked to 12" x 12" but like Linda's have shrunk a little. I wet blocked them with blocking wires, and blocked them on a pre-marked 12" square on the back of an old cork notice board.

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Look for The Yarn Grove

Check out our new look!

Also visit our blog, let us know what you think of the new look and get into a drawing for a great prize.

Hope you are working on those squares. Not long till the next shipment.

Happy Knitting to All

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I know this is OT, but I am hoping that someone knows if there are

ANY yarn stores in Puerto Rico? I have heard there is not and I have been googling my fingers to a nub trying to find one. I will be done with the squares by then and will most likely have the next square on the needles, but I really would like something to do while I am sitting in a hammock on the beach (more than likely elbow deep in pina coladas). I thought about taking socks, but I do like to enhance my stash from every place I have been.

Can anyone help? :-)



Hello! My name is Carrie. I had forgotten about the invite, so I had to ask for another before I could post. I am really enjoying this club. The patterns are utilizing some things I have not done (still kind of a baby knitter) but am picking it up fast and on my own. I am behind in my squares, as I had a blankie--a lacy pattern-- and booties to finish for a niece that is due to put in her appearance tomorrow! I am liking the O wool--I do not mind, especially after a go 'round with cotton and some angora I like to get back to wool. And these patterns, while very lovely, are not too complicated to do at night before bed while I am watching TV--the squares have become my "settle down for the evening," like....comfort knitting! (I am off to give socks a whirl this eve at my LYS.......does the Yarn Grove do a sock club at any time Debby?)

June Blocks

I love the blue that I received as my June color, and found the blocks interesting and quick to knit. Here are my photos. I can't wait to see the yarn and patterns for July!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Basket of Yarn

Finished and blocked today.

A strange thing happened when I got the three other squares out to try them on the bed - I know, I need to get a life!! ;0) All three squares, which were blocked using wires to a perfect 12" square (checked and re-checked), have all shrunk to a perfect 11" square. How can this happen? There were completely dry when I stored them. I'll be checking on this block tomorrow to see if the same thing has happened. Who knows, maybe that extra inch will have returned to the others?! Very strange .....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Done with June Squares

I said it in my post yesterday - thanks to the Yarn Grove folks for sending me just the right thing. Both patterns were so fun and quick that once I started I just couldn't stop. The squares are on the blocking board drying out and here are my pictures for you:

First is the bamboo stitch. It also took me a little bit of thought before starting - I kept reading the stitch as a decrease. Then I just did it and it all makes sense. I think I have a sock pattern somewhere that uses this stitch to give a "scale" effect on the sock. Pretty cool. No problem with blocking the pattern to size - it even opened up nicely to show the wrapped stitches.

Next is the basket stitch - this one came out wonderfully but it's really stretchy! I had to "nudge" the edges back in to the 12" square. I may end up reblocking this square at some point, but I suspect it'll be fine in the end. I've got a few ounces of the yarn leftover and am thinking about what I'll do at the end with all the remnants ... maybe some kind of scarf or a pair of fingerless mitts. Any suggestions?

Ok, that's it! Time to figure out what's next and enjoy the hiatus until next month.


Saturday, June 9, 2007

June Package ... and sock revenge!

My June package showed up on Thursday (my gift is blue - and it matches my yarn!) but I left the beautiful Cornflower skein on the shelf since I needed to finish off a pair of socks first.

I think the socks knew something was up because they got their revenge. A mistake in the pattern had me cutting too-short of a sewn bind-off thread and after binding off the first sock I could barely put them on! I managed to hold off the urge to frog them both back down to their humble beginnings (did 2x2 circs so both are in the same state) and I've started the June squares to give me some solace.

I love the color I got this month - it's a very soft but pure blue - and I'm looking forward to how this pattern plays out. Time to enjoy my coffee and knit a few rows. I expect pix of the first square w/in the next day or so!

Thanks Yarn Grove for sending me the perfect thing at the perfect time.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Lucky Bamboo FO

Finished last night and blocked this morning, this was such a quick knit and I really enjoyed it.

I'm loving the look of Basket of Yarn too, which I started late last night, but the socks "put their foot down" this morning and demanded I pay them some attention today! ;0)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

June's Package

Mine arrived the other day - just in time, too, since I was wanting to knit something, but didn't want to start something new that I'd have to set aside (although it would've been good company for my other WIPs), so all was good.

My May squares are a darkish blue and my newest squares will be Willow. I started the Bamboo pattern and really like it. I'm even impressed with the 'wrong' side - the texture is quite interesting - I may do something with this pattern in another project which would show off both sides (a mobius 'something' perhaps or maybe a scarf where i could make sections of 'right' and 'wrong' sides or......).

I will plan to post pics of all four squares toward the end of the month.

The gift with the June shipment is always appreciated - I like to keep one with each of my projects and needed just one more. I wonder what other colors are out there - mine is orange - Cool!!

Last Month's Blocks - pics

Thought I'd get some pics in of last month's blocks before I make a start on this month's. ;0)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lucky Bamboo pattern

Can I just check before I start knitting - is it "yo, k2" or "yo, k2tog"? Thanks. :0)

Drawing for signed copy of Yarn Girls new book

Have you received your June Shipment? Have you started yet?

This month we would like to offer you a special incentive to finish and post pictures of your June squares.

Everyone who posts a picture of their June squares on this blog will be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of "the yarn girls' guide to knits for all seasons." Forty new patterns with knits for all seasons. Some included are a vest for fall, a Chanel-inspired cardigan for winter, an open stitch shawl that knits quickly and even a beach tote. This is a book I would love to have myself but one lucky member of the Under Cover Club will be the owner. So knit away!

You have all month to finish and post. The drawing will be on July 1.

Did you socks complain in May? Mine jumped right off the needle and tried to get away but I caught it and gave it some attention.

The Next Installment

My lovely parcel has arrived this morning with a beautiful skein of oatmeal yarn and a lovely little surprise too.

Sadly I am going to have to iron my patterns later - they have got somewhat bent and creased in the post, and are currently flattening under a heavy pile of books. Maybe a length of card around them would protect them for next time?

Anyway, lovely lovely wool, thank you! And how did you know that I am ALWAYS looking for my tape measure ;) !

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My first 2 squares

While I'm waiting for the postman to deliver my next skein of yarn, I thought I'd post a quick picture of my first two squares.

I haven't blocked these yet, as I'm planning to block them all together so I can get them all the same size.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new patterns, and discovering another colour of this lovely yarn.

Thanks to The Yarn Grove for organising this - it's great fun. :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Dye "fastness"?

Hi everyone!

I finally got around to blocking my May squares (ok, so it's June already, but they were on the blocking board by 5/31) and as I was putting them in water I noticed that a bit of the orange dye bled out. Has anyone else had this issue? I'm trying to decide what, if anything, I want to do here (vinegar soak, put in microwave) but I'd first love to know if I'm the only one that had this issue.

I'd also love to know if this is limited to the orange wool or if the other colors also are susceptible to bleeding.

Regardless - this wool was quite nice to work with. But - my dimpled delight isn't very "dimpled"! :-)