Saturday, June 9, 2007

June Package ... and sock revenge!

My June package showed up on Thursday (my gift is blue - and it matches my yarn!) but I left the beautiful Cornflower skein on the shelf since I needed to finish off a pair of socks first.

I think the socks knew something was up because they got their revenge. A mistake in the pattern had me cutting too-short of a sewn bind-off thread and after binding off the first sock I could barely put them on! I managed to hold off the urge to frog them both back down to their humble beginnings (did 2x2 circs so both are in the same state) and I've started the June squares to give me some solace.

I love the color I got this month - it's a very soft but pure blue - and I'm looking forward to how this pattern plays out. Time to enjoy my coffee and knit a few rows. I expect pix of the first square w/in the next day or so!

Thanks Yarn Grove for sending me the perfect thing at the perfect time.

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Debby said...

As I have said, those socks just know when you are knitting something else. Be sure to stay undercover with your cover!

I am so glad you are enjoying the patterns. Lots more in store for the coming months. Stay tuned.