Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Next Installment

My lovely parcel has arrived this morning with a beautiful skein of oatmeal yarn and a lovely little surprise too.

Sadly I am going to have to iron my patterns later - they have got somewhat bent and creased in the post, and are currently flattening under a heavy pile of books. Maybe a length of card around them would protect them for next time?

Anyway, lovely lovely wool, thank you! And how did you know that I am ALWAYS looking for my tape measure ;) !


Debby said...

I am so sorry your patterns were bent. We will solve that problem with the next shipment.

I am glad you like your tape measure. I always need more than one because I also am always looking for mine.

Aknita said...

Oh Debby bless you, not your fault, they've had to travel a long way to get here!

Jackie Knits said...

My pattern was 'crunched' too - that darned USPS!!! LOL. It's ok since I jot down the pattern on a smaller piece of paper so I can just slip that in the small tote that's holding the current square-in-progress.

My color this month is Willow - so pretty!!