Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Joy's May Blocks

Here very belatedly are my May Blocks - the light on the photo does not show the colour to it's true potential, but I have found it difficult to obtain a good photo as light has been a problem recently.

They were both blocked to 12" x 12" but like Linda's have shrunk a little. I wet blocked them with blocking wires, and blocked them on a pre-marked 12" square on the back of an old cork notice board.

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Debby said...

Have your blocks all shrunk to basically the same size? I noticed that mine shrunk to about 11 1/2" but they are all the same size. I am sending a email addressing some of these issues, so be looking for it today, Tuesday, June 27. I am sorry if any of this has caused you any inconvience and we will work to get it right for you.