Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day late, but one afghan ahead!

I actually finished this last Thursday but have been away from email until today. We were enjoying a wonderful long holiday up in the Sierra Nevada. The weather had been good and we went for a long snowshoe ... here's what we found:

So, enough of that, here's proof that the afghan is done!

It took almost 1/2 a day of rearranging and, with some help from Excel, we figured out a pattern that I'm very happy with. The edging is a quick single crochet in Brown Sheep Lambs Pride. It's not organic, but it's what they had at the yarn store near our cabin! I did the edging at Knit Night - and the ladies all loved it.

Thanks to the Yarn Grove for a great afghan - and here's hoping my mom loves it too when it finally gets to Wisconsin.

Happy New Year everyone!




Janet said...

Hey Debbie...I couldn't find a link to the blog you do the Friday Fill-Ins on the link you left me!

Kathryn said...

That looks great - good for you.

Jane said...

Love it and I'm sure your mom will too...