Thursday, October 18, 2007

2 Drawings

September and October each need to have a drawing (uh, bribe). There will be 2 drawings for the following:

1 skein of Kona Bay Cotton Yarn (super soft)
2 sets of Swallow Needles (Love these needles)

Post your September and/or October squares and get into the drawing.

What would everyone think about sending November and December squares together, around November 10? That would give everyone plenty of time to finish for a holiday gift. Tell me what you think?



Linda said...

I'd be happy to have November and December's yarn sent at the same time - like you say, it would just in time for a Christmas gift -although I'm keeping mine! ;0)

Kathryn said...

November and December's yarn at the same time is fine with me as well.

blopeep said...

and then there were three! I'm certainly ok with shipping them both at once - in particular, if it helps to make your lives easier!

Then again, as long as November and December go out at the beginning of the month, it shouldn't matter, right?

Wow. How non-committal. :-)

Brenda said...

sounds fine to ship them together... :)

Jackie Knits said...

I like having a package to look forward to each month but if majority rules, that's ok too.

Sad to say, I haven't even wound my October yarn into a workable ball yet - too many Christmas items that will NOT still be on the needles on Christmas Eve. Once they are finished (maybe next two to three weeks), I'll play catch-up!