Sunday, October 28, 2007

September & October Blocks

I just realized that I never posted my September blocks. They were my favorite color until I got October's yarn. Now, October's color is my favorite. I had many problems knitting the double swag pattern. Once I had knit 10 inches before I realized I was pulling the wif too tight & so I frogged it. I am happy with the square now though.

Just on another note, I recently bought some Moo cards. If you aren't familar with Moo cards, they are smaller than business cards & have pictures on them. My email, blog & Ravelry name is printed with a picture of my knitting. Out of the 7 pictures I have, 5 of them are under cover squares. The textures of the squares made for interesting pictures. Thanks again for creating this club.

Will there be other clubs as well?

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Debby said...

I love the Moo cards. Don't have mine yet because I could not decide on which pictures to use.

So glad you are enjoying the club. We are looking into yarn availability for another club.