Thursday, October 11, 2007

October Blocks

What a great color we got this month! My yarn arrived on Tuesday, and by Wednesday I had completed the Double Broken Rib block. I then started the Scalloped Swag, but it is knitting up very narrow. Even with gentle pressing with my hands, it is only 10" wide. I can't imagine that it will block to 12". Is anyone else having this problem?



Brenda said...

none of my blocks has blocked to 12...more like 11-11 1/2 at least they are all pretty much the same...but my swag one blocked out working on downloading a photo now

Debby said...

As long as all your blocks are basically the same size it is ok if they are 11 1/2" or so. Everyone knits differently so you will get slightly different dimensions on these blocks.