Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I just can't wait!!!

Given that I have tomorrow off of work, and it is *after* July 1st, maybe the July shipment will make it to my doorstep today! I just finished off two very short projects and am ready for another one to boost my sense of accomplishment. Can you imagine? Three projects in one week!?! Wouldn't that be something.

Am I the only one that's so gosh durned excited?


Linda said...

No, you're not the only one! I almost lynched my postman this morning because I didn't have a Yarn Grove package, even though they normaly arrive here around the 6th of the month. It didn't help that he was 2 hours late, and I had a day off work today as well so have been watching the letter box all morning!

Jackie Knits said...

I'm anxious for mine too. Was hoping it would arrive yesterday as I'm off from work today. Oh, well. Maybe tomorrow?

Aknita said...

Well wouldn't you know it mine has arrived, it's a lovely blue colour too, very nice :-) and thank you very much for the inclusion of a replacement pattern - not necessary but much appreciated.

I hope everyone else gets theirs soon.

Linda said...

Mine came today too. :0) I'm so glad it's the gorgeous blue colour. I've just wound it into a cake and will be starting the first pattern in about half an hour. The socks are not happy about it - they're threatening another revolt but they've had their share of knitting for today! ;0)

blopeep said...

I've hopefully managed to feed the "sock beast" for a while. I finished off a pair of the Breeze anklets from the latest issue of Knitty and also one of two toe-up socks using the Wick yarn from K1C2.

Package didn't arrive on Tuesday, but maybe things will look better today!

Knitting with worsted weight wool on a 100+ degree day - what could be better?

CarrieM said...

I got mine today as well...I am so excited! And it is odd, as I was thinking last night about trying cables--the lady who taught me how to knit showed me how to do them a few years ago--that I get a pattern in the mail that requires a cable!


Jackie Knits said...

I was thinking the same thing, Carrie, wondering if cables would come up.

And the cable needle is different from what I currently have - I have birdwing cable needles (and don't care for them 'cuz the stitches tend to slip), but they don't have the 'dip' in the middle either. I'm betting that dip makes all the difference as the stitches can't possible slip off!

My package arrived on Thursday; I have the saffron color this month - very pretty.

Debby said...

I like the cable needle you will be using. I can't use some types of cable needles because the stitches slip off so easily. I also have had good luck with using a bamboo double point at least 6".