Monday, July 9, 2007

July blocks finished

But not blocked and not photographed either, sorry. ;0) The patterns look great knitted up. I'll try and get some pics taken tomorrow. It's a good job I finished them early this month otherwise they'd never have got started - I've taken on the mammoth task of knitting 4 adult size 36" sweaters as quickly as I possibly can because they're needed ASAP. I'm hoping to finish one a week. It's gonna get boring, I know that, because they will all be the same pattern but at least I've got 2 different colours to brighten things up. I started the first one today and have justed finished the back - now I know that might seem quick but it *is* chunky yarn. (Am I mad? Chunky yarn in the "summer" time?!)

Anyway, thanks again for 2 lovely block patterns this month - and the cable needle was much appreciated. :0)

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Debby said...

Good luck with the sweaters. I am sure you are doing good for someone.