Friday, July 13, 2007

Woven Fun Right Side/Wrong Side

This picture is the Right Side of your Woven Fun pattern. Row 1 should read Row 1(WS)and Row 2 starts the right side.

The purl side of your Woven Fun is the WRONG Side. I go over and over these patterns to be sure they are correct and I do apologize for this mistake. I will send a corrected version with your next shipment.

Could I blame this on the socks? Do you think they took over my computer late one night, giggling and laughing, put the purl side as the right side? They would think that was funny.....


Jill said...

Yes, it's the socks. I carelessly put socks in the same bag as my squares and they switched RS/WS and I had purl bumps in my cable row and I had to rip out 12 orws! Never again. Socks have been banished back under the bed!

Jackie Knits said...

Will try it again, but I suspect I was doing more than just switching right and wrong side because I wasn't seeing a nice zig zag yet - now that I see it, I'm very anxious to start it again! Thank you, Debby!!!