Saturday, August 25, 2007

August Squares

Here are August's squares.

Unfortunately, these are rubbish photos - you can blame the poor photography on camera shake or the G&Ts. I know which one I'd blame! ;0) - but the squares IRL are gorgeous! ;0)

I'm now looking forward to September's.


Brenda Kempf said...

oh man, I didn't think the blog had ever gotten set up...the yellow squares are smashing! but I'm in no way caught up...I have caught the sock bug...and am doing a set of baby things for charity that are do...but I'm thrilled to see the blog up! will try to get working on mine so I can catch up to you guys...

Debby said...

Brenda, we want to see your squares. The sock bug can be a strong pull but the squares are crying for attention.