Sunday, August 5, 2007

Having Problems........

So far I have had taupe, green, and blue yarn -- no problems. I recieved my new yarn yesterday- pumpkin -- and woven into the yarn are these prickly burrs like you see with cotton plants. They are very sharp and I am having to pick them out or cut/slice the yarn. Has anyone else had the same problem?


Jackie Knits said...

Jill: I had one Prickly-thing in the Saffron color too (July's color for me), but that was it. I hope Debby will arrange for a replacement skein to be sent to you right away. The company that produces the O-Wool needs to know too so they can up their quality-control measures if necessary.

Debby said...

Sometimes with Organic wool there is some vegetation because the processing of the wool does not have any chemicals applied to it. Usually there is not enough of the vegetation to cause a problem.

Jill, I am sorry your saffron has the vegatation. We are sending you another skein to replace the one you have.

Check out the new Interweave Knits for more information on Organic Wools and also the for more information on O-Wool.