Saturday, August 25, 2007

One of Two Down

I finished one of the two squares yesterday. I like this square. I am having trouble with the second square though. I must be doing something wrong. My loose yarn keeps getting twisting around the stitch on row 4. The completed squares don't seem to have a twist. Any suggestions to help me complete rows 4 and 8?


Debby said...

Let me write this out a little further and see if it helps

Row 4: k4, *insert right needle under strand from Row 2 (insert needle left to right) and k next st bringing st under strand and out toward you, k5; rep from * ending last rep k4

Row 8 is the same process.

I looked online for a video that might help but could not find one.

Does anyone else have any suggestions on how to describe this stitch?

Brenda said...

you have to wrap the working yarn back in order to get a clean knit stitch...holler if you need nmore help

Needles (aka Carol) said...

Thanks that helped a lot. I was inserting the needle right to left. Now, I'm on my way.

Debby said...

So glad we could help. Happy Knitting!