Friday, August 17, 2007

In the Know.....O-Wool™

The O-Wool™ mark represents the highest standard available for certified organic wool products. O-Wool™ sets the industry standard by distinguishing itself from other products made with wool and organic wool. O-Wool™ yarns and fabrics are made only from wool certified by USDA accredited Organic Certification Agencies and are processed using the most sustainable methods commercially available.

Low-impact fiber-reactive dyes. Fiber-reactive dyes are a synthetic dye that chemically bonds directly to the clothing fiber molecules. They were first used commercially in 1956. The fixation or absorption rate of low-impact dyes is at least 70%, creating less waste water runoff and therefore a lower impact on the environment. Recent advances have created fiber-reactive dyes with colors that are brighter and richer, and they provide excellent colorfast properties. They contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, and they meet all European Union criteria for being an eco-friendly pigment. But, the actual dyes in almost all low-impact fiber-reactive dyes are still made from synthetic petrochemicals.

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