Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Needing a Nudging

Nudging definition: to touch or push gently (as with elbow)

NEW Definition: To bribe or push gently (as with prizes)

Post your August squares by the end of the month and be in a drawing for 1 skein of J. Knits sock yarn and a striped bag.

If you are having trouble posting to this blog, just send me your pictures and I will post them for you.

Hope everyone is enjoying the August Squares and staying out of the heat. If it is cool where you are I am sooo envious.



Linda said...

I finished my first square earlier this month (pics on blog). I cast on for the second one tonight. Not that I needed a nudging - I hadn't actually seen this luscious bribe (!) before I cast on! - but I must admit, it is a good incentive to get knitting!

Jackie Knits said...

I finished my squares early this month too; i just haven't yet gotten around to taking their pics yet - this weekend, for sure! I love the stack of squares that's growing - now that the temps have dropped and I've gotten out some cool weather clothing, i'm anxious to snuggle under this - four months to go, right?

DebS said...

I love the yarn and bag. Hope I'm lucky this month!

Debby said...

4 months to go...will really be a nice stack of squares by then.