Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Hello - and where's the button?

Hello everyone - from sunny California!

Special hello to Ann K. who was kind enough to stop by my blog and also because she's a fellow Midwesterner (I grew up in Milwaukee ...).

I've finished my first block and had just gotten through the first four rows of the second when I saw the note about casting on additional stitches. I was actually a bit worried about how dense this block would be so I'll definitely rip out the bit I have and start again.

Good luck to everyone with their knitting!

That said - two small questions:

1. Where's the button for my blog? *grin*
2. What are the other three colors that are out there and will I be in the same color throughout?



1 comment:

Debby said...

Blog button coming soon.

You will receive 7 more colors. A new color every month. Some will be new colors that are coming out over the summer and are not on our website now.