Saturday, May 5, 2007

This is your Site

This will be your site to show off your squares, ask for help and just talk about the Under Cover Club, if you like. I have sent invitations to all and you will need to sign in at the right top to create a post. You may need to sign up for a google account but that is a simple matter.

OK, Let's Knit.


Holly Burnham said...

Oooooops, I've blown it already....I somehow usurped Debby's opening comment; sorry. Delete it if you can.

I know the colors for our blocks were chosen at random; but I absolutely love the color I received.

I cast on my first block last night, ignoring 6 projects already started beside me.

This will be a Christmas gift for my inlaws and I know they'll love it!

Jill said...

Love my bag and my yarn -- see it on my blog:

Debby said...

Remember, everyone can post to the blog not just the comments. So let us all know how your Under Cover is going.