Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hello from New York State

I live just outside Albany with my husband of 21 years and our two children: son is in high school and daughter is in elementary school. I learned to knit in my late teens and have loved it ever since although I took somewhat of a break when the children were real little - no time!!

I'm loving the Under Cover Club - the first 'monthly' club i've ever joined. I finished the dimpled square within three days of receiving the kit, but haven't done more than a couple of rows of the other square. I'm also participating in the Sockamania KAL, so I'm doing that right now. However, I'll get the square done by the time I get the June package.

I just love the O-Wool - I've always been afraid of wools because I was given a wool sweater as a child that made me itch to no end. However, I've since discovered that some wools are much softer (or just plain better quality) than others. i guess my aunt (God rest her soul) just went for the 'whatever' wool, maybe she concentrated on color because it was a very nice color (just not wearable!!). Now, all I want to use for my knitting are natural fibers, whether they be wool, alpaca, cotton - well, I suppose a blend with acrylic would be ok too. Anyway, I digress. I am just loving this whole experience and look forward to working toward the finished product - it will certainly be a favorite of mine next winter!!


Jane said...

Hey Jackie! I love this O~wool also. The more you knit with it, the softer it becomes. They are coming out with 6 new colors in August in their Classic Line and we cannot wait! Glad you are enjoying the club.

Debby said...

I am having a great time with this club too. The squares have been so much fun for me to create. Display some pictures if you like.