Monday, May 14, 2007

Hi There!

My name is Diane and I'm one of the many Californian's in the club - though I'm originally from the Midwest (Milwaukee, WI). I live just south of San Francisco on the peninsula with my DH and our two cats. I've become addicted to knitting after a lifetime of crochet, cross stitch, and other fine needlework - in particular, I love socks! I will admit, however, that going back to big needles after so much time with 0's and 1's has been both a delight and quite a mind-shift.

Both of my blocks are knitted but I've not gotten around to blocking them. I'll likely do so over the long holiday weekend in between bouts of raking, burning and waste hauling at our cabin in the mountains.

Thanks to the Yarn Grove for putting this together! I'm looking forward to my next skein and next set of patterns.




Jane said...

Hey Diane from sunny Georgia. I know what you mean about the *big* needles. I too, love knitting on 0s and 1s. I just knit a little dress out of size 5s and they felt like 15s. But it was a nice change. Glad you're enjoying the club!

Debby said...

Diane, show us your finished blocks. Would love to see your Dimpled Delight.