Saturday, May 12, 2007

Where are You?

Since we are going to be "knitting together" for 7 more months, I would like to know where everyone is from. Maybe a little bit about yourself.

My name is Debby and I live in Duluth GA and am co-owner of The Yarn Grove. I love all kinds of fiber, yarn, fabric, papers, etc. I get bored easily so projects like the Under Cover Club are just right for me. Just as I am getting bored it is time to start a new square. I have 3 grown daughters and 11 grandchildren. Going to Utah Monday to see 4 of those wonderful grandchildren.

How about you? What makes you tick? What do you like to do for fun? Children? Grandchildren? Pets?

You can answer in the comments section or just start a new posting on the blog. Let's get to know each other.



KarenS said...


I'll be the first to post :) I live in Orange County, CA with my mother and adult son. Another son (they are twins) lives about an hour away. We have two very spoiled cats. I love knitting first, but dabble in lots of crafty pursuits.

I really like the O-Wool yarn and have finished 1 of my blocks. The other is moving a little slowly, due to another swap commitment.

Lookng forward to hearing from other club members,


Linda said...

I'll go next. ;0) I live in South Wales, UK, with my husband, 5 year old son, 2 GSDs and 2 pet rats. I used to do cross stitch and scrapbooking but for the past year or so knitting has really taken over (although I've been knitting since I was about 6).

I'm really enjoying this club and have done the first of my blocks with the O-Wool - which is lush ;0) - although I haven't started the second because my socks were feeling neglected and threatened a revolt! ;0)

I love the idea of an afghan and have decided to knit one for my auntie and my dad, although they won't be getting quite such nice yarn as I will. ;0)

Needles said...


I live in the northwest corner of Los Angeles County, CA - the desert - with my hubby, 3 children, 3 cats, a dog, & a tank full of fish.

It's Little League season and with all my kids playing I usually get a lot of knitting done during the games. I've not been able to start my squares yet. My eldest is working on a scarf with the same size needles. I'm just waiting for the other set to come in the mail.

debbie said...

i'm debbie from hawaii; mainly sock knitter, looking to try my knitting on something else but not too time consuming. this seemed the perfect project! i'm still on my first square, but hope to finish both by the end of the month....takes some getting used to - knitting with bigger needles

Debby said...

Karen and Needles, are either of you having problems with fires or even the smoke?

Linda, you have pet rats? Tell me more.

Debbie, how do you like living in Hawaii and have you been there all your life?

Linda said...

Debby - I've only got the two rats at the moment, both males. They're about 18 months old now. A few years ago, I bought 2 females and the one had 13 babies. We kept them all - we were worried if we gave them back to the pet shop, they'd be sold as snake food. They make such great pets, as they are very intelligent and love to interact. We even took them on holiday with us this year and they were no trouble at all. ;0)

Jill said...

Well, there are a few of use from California, but I am from the North in the Wine Country (80 miles N from Sn Fran).

I live there with my hubby of 20 years and 17 year-old twin boys. My LYS had a block of the month class and I was hoping to string them together to make a blanket, but after 5 blocks,the store closed. I thought this would be great way to make a aftgan with out it being overwhelming. My hubby bought it for me for my birthday.

I was wiondering what colors you all got. I got, what I think is Willow.

Aknita said...

My name is Joy and I live in the beautiful Malvern Hills area of the UK with my DH of 25 years and 2 of my 3 children, plus Holly the hamster, escape artist extraordinaire ;)!

I love to knit, having come back to it about 18 months ago after discovering tapestry work and cross stitch.

I am a nurse by profession, and have been for some 33 years now. I love football with a vengeance, my team is Liverpool and my photo shows my 2 favourite players holding the Community Shield, a trophy I saw them win last year.

I have completed the Diamond Brocade square, but for some reason Dimpled Delight is proving anything but a delight at the moment - I ned to sit in peace and quiet and concentrate!

Holly (Old Knitter) said... name is Holly. I love in New Hampshire.

I have three children and eight grandchildren.

I'm excited about this knit-a-long as this will be my Christmas gift for in inlaws and it's good to have that thinking out of the way!

I am only half way through my first block, (athritis visiting), but hopefully soon I will be able to pick up my needles more often.

Happy to know you all.